black jack Game


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If the croupier’s first card is an ace, you can insure against a possible Black Jack for the croupier by placing an appropriate stake on the insurance field. The insurance is paid out at a ratio of 2 : 1 if the croupier draws a Black Jack or otherwise withdrawn.


You can bet on the croupier exceeding 21 (maximum sum of bets placed). Winnings are paid out at a ratio of 5 : 2 for bust. The stake is lost if the bank does not exceed 21.

Combination 3

You bet the first two cards of a box and the first card of the croupier on certain card combinations and can win up to 300 times your stake.


This is based on the rules of play for classic Black Jack. Black Jack X-change is an exciting addition. Each box on the Black Jack X-change table is split into two hands (double box). You bet the same stake on each hand. The croupier deals two cards for every hand.


You can now decide on whether to exchange the second card of the first hand with the second card of the second hand. But it’s important to remember that a Black Jack is not possible if you exchange.

Soft 17*: soft 17 in Black Jack X-change means the bank draws

22: there is a standoff for all the boxes in the game if the croupier’s hand is worth exactly 22. Only Black Jack wins.

*An ace has a value of 1 or 11 and opens a soft variant with every additional card worth less than 10, e.g. ace and 6 = 7/17


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